Laboratorio di arte judaica a Siena

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Greeting cards: nine different subjects, from original works and illuminations of Even Caredio. The themes represent Jewish Holidays and special events like: Pesach, Chanukkà, Rosh Ha Shanà or Birth Milà, Bar-Bat Mitzvah, Marriage, others with special themes: Mazal, Birchat ha Baith.
Printed in limited edition 1000 copies, four colours plus hot gold on Tintoretto Fabriano paper 220 gsm
Size 15x21 cm closed, 30x21 open
Wallet envelope Fedrigoni Century
Price € 3.00 + shipping
1/ Pesach
2/ Chanukkah
3/ Pirkei Avot 3:17
4/ Mazal (Luck)
5/ Song of Songs 2:12
6/ Happy new year
7/ Lekhà Dodì