Laboratorio di arte judaica a Siena

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Original illuminations and manuscripts made according to the Jewish Italian art style, with the tecnique of egg tempera and gold leaf on vellum or parchment paper
Avaliable Kasher vellum on request
1/ Dov bear
2/ Headletter Aleph
3/ Chay, sentences from Mishnàh Sanedrin 9:36 and Bereshit 18:27
4/ House blessingè-avot-1_s.jpg
5/ Pirkei Avot 5:23
6/ House blessing
7/ house blessing hebrew englishà-ha-gefen_s.jpg
8/ Berakha ha Gefen
9/ Magen David (Chay)
10/ Letter Yod
11/ psalm 67ì-ledodì-bianco.jpg
12a/ I’m my beloved and my beloved is mine
12b/ I’m my beloved and my beloved is mine
13/ Menorah, sentences from Zechariah 4:2.3
14/ Lekh Lekhà. Present for a Bar Mitzvàh
15/ Chay
16/ Menorah
17/ Illuminated sentence from Song of Songs Cap.2 sent.12
18/ Peackoks
19/ House blessing
20/ Present for Bar Mitzvà
21/ Chai
22/ Mazal Luck
23/ Present for Chavà Eva. Psalm133
24/ Shemàh Israel
25/ Magen David (chay)
25/ Magen David (chay)
27/ Mizhrach and Psalms N° 100 e N°150.
28/ Shemà Israel
29/ Birkhat Kohanim. Numbers 6:24,26
30/ Mizrach (East) with the twelve symbols of the tribes of Israel